Submitted Papers

  • Geon Lee and Youngjin Choi, “Bio-inspired Tendon-driven Finger Design with Isomorphic Ligamentous Joint”, IEEE Access Journal, submitted, 2019 [SCI-E]
  • Babar Jamil, and Youngjin Choi, “Chemically Tunable Soft Optical Waveguides for Strain/Bending/Force Sensing Applications”, Soft Robotics, submitted, 2019 [SCI-E]
  • Babar Jamil, and Youngjin Choi, “Soft Optical Waveguide Integrated Pneumatic Artificial Muscle (PAM) Actuators for Contraction and Force Sensing”, IEEE TMECH, submitted, 2019 [SCI]

Revised Papers

  • 최유나, 성민창, 이슬아, 최영진, “원형 구조 알고리즘을 이용한 근전도 패턴 인식 및 분류”, 로봇학회논문지, revised, 2019
  • 윤덕찬, 이건, 최영진, “인간의 전완 회전을 위한 말단 요척골 관절의 기구학적 모델링”, 로봇학회논문지, revised, 2019
  • Donghoon Oh, Seulah Lee and Youngjin Choi, “Simultaneous Stiffness Measurement Device for a Human Forearm”, IEEE Access Journal, revised, 2019 [SCI-E]
  • Seulah Lee, Minchang Sung, and Youngjin Choi, “Wearable fabric sensor for upper limb prosthesis based on sEMG pattern recognition of lower limb postures”, Smart Materials and Structures, revised, 2019 [SCI]

Accepted Papers

  • 이건, 윤덕찬, 최영진, “인대 구조에 기인한 유연 경첩 관절”, 로봇학회논문지, accepted, 2019
  • Sajjad Manzoor and Youngjin Choi, “Central Pattern Generator Based Motion Control of Hopping Robot for Ground Level Acclimatization”, International Journal of Robotics and Automation, accepted, 2019 [SCI-E]

Online Published Papers